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Dancing Bear lets the girls have fun this time as one guy gets naked first after taking off his mask. He dances around like a silly fuck even though he does not know how to dance. That is not important as what’s important is the girls get down and dirty with this guy and it is a big mystery how the guy’s cock stays hard the entire time.


It is pretty obvious he took something in order to get it that hard. He lets numerous girls suck on his penis like it is some kind of toy. You have to admit it is pretty big so it is good enough to last an entire party. There are 103 episodes here and each one has a corresponding photo set. The Dancing Bear videos are more than an hour long and the galleries have 300 pictures each. The usual setting for these events would be a bridal shower or a birthday party for one lucky girl. There was even one time when a girl has her legs spread while the gigolo just pumps on it like there is no tomorrow. For some reason, everyone is acting normal like nothing is happening.

Most of the women swallow a load of cum as these men are brave enough to bare their naked bodies in front of women who will get horny in no time. The ladies here let the whole world know that they can be just as horny as men are. In fact, they get naked in front of their friends just because they find a hot guy right in front of them. The gigolos are not the ones you find in strip clubs where you can look but don’t touch.

In these events, you can do anything you want with them. The only sad part is the videos on Dancing Bear can only be streamed and not downloaded. If you can overlook that part then you are going to be in for a rousing good time as you will be draw into the action like never before.

Hustler Discount

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Non-Discount Price: $29.95

Hustler comes from the same company that brought you the print mag of the same name. The quality here is tremendous with 8089 videos with around 30 minutes each. All videos can be downloaded through several formats or streamed on a Flash player.


There are 1718 galleries on Hustler with each of them containing 15 pictures each. The Hustler ladies are too hot to handle as you can’t blame yourself if you fall in love with some of them. There is a lot of stuff here other than pictures and videos as there is also articles and live cam shows. Fans would see the quality of the articles that would grab the attention of many people. These articles are so good that you can’t help but share them in your social media websites.

If you loved the magazine then there is no doubt you will love everything this site has to offer. The girls here are certainly not shy and there are some exclusive photo shoots that won’t be seen anywhere else. There is a variety of girls in the shoots as well ranging from mothers to amateur teens.

The updates of the Hustler website would usually go up when a new magazine issue is released or some porn deals are offered. There is a slideshow option for the photo spreads but you are going to get an erection so fast that you would want to pause the slideshow and jack off right away. When you become a member of this website, you will also get access to a bunch of bonus sites including Hometown Girls, Barely Legal and Busty Beauties.

There are some reviews of the latest DVDs so you can find out if the DVDs are worth the price or not. You can also get some girls live on webcam as they would love to perform a live show for you while you play with your cock. Some Hustler sites provide only photos and videos but this website does not do that as they also have some informative articles that will blow your mind. These articles will make your realize you are never too old for some good old fashioned sexy time.

DDF Network Discount

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I have to admit, I’m really quite a horny guy. A masturbate every night to Playboy and when I see a girl walking across a street, and she’s got these really nice tits or at least a sexy figure or white or maybe when she’s flawless and her skin ass’s skin is almost showing, man, that really causes my libido to arouse. And I’m not a virgin anymore as I have fucked a lot of girls already. But hey, don’t judge me.

They asked for it and since you’re here, that means you’re a pervert yourself!


Anyway, despite all the experience, I still find a lot of pleasure in porn, especially when it’s from a porn site where all the videos are truly well prepared and smokin’ hot like fresh from the over. There’s nothing more like it than DDF Network.

There are plenty of reasons why I love DDF Network. For one, it made me realize how lucky of a bastard I am, you know, for having fucked plenty of girls already. I mean, not every guy is able to do that, right? Anyway, the videos are really backed with something called a “real story” and therefore everything you see has a “real plot.” Funnily and interestingly, there are also conflicts in a lot of videos, like when the cheated wife goes ballistic throwing things and sand onto the door. Like seriously, those kind of thing happen in real life! Maybe that’s what makes the site interesting all the more.

DDF Network is also not just you’re usual kind of porn shit like ATK Galleria. It contains the highest quality of porn content. Every content is actually exclusive and you cannot view any of them unless you are a member of the site yourself. So yeah, you have to register for a reasonable price of 12.50 dollars a month. And I’d say reasonable knowing for a fact that it contains over 11,000 plus videos and picture sets that I don’t know if we can ever really count. Additionally, the site gets update 27 times every week, which means there’s always something new in every visit!

PornPros Discount

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Non-Discount Price: $29.95

We were in a classmate’s place for an overnight project once and there were a lot of things that I realized during that time. If you want to make life easier, if you want the job to be neater, then consider getting a professional. After all, we all need help sometimes. The same thing applies to porn.


If you want something really love and elaborate and all those kind of good things, then you should really consider a professional. That’s why when it comes to porn, there’s nothing else I root for anymore but PornPros.

What is PornPros?

Porn Pros is perhaps among the best porn sites that you have ever or you will stumble upon. Well, maybe for a long time, but my point is it is not just your usual porn hub. It is a place in the internet society where you will really be able to make the most out of your time for as far as being a voyeur goes. Its creation goes back 10 years ago before Sapphic Erotica and continues to grow stronger by the day and by the moment. The creators continue to celebrate their success with the positive response they are able to reap from their avid subscribers. Ultimately, the contents are so diversified, you can definitely get what you want no matter your preferences are.

What Can You Get From PornPros?

Porn Pros gives you nothing but the best. It is able to do that by being a site resource rather than being merely a porn site. Yes, you read that right. It is actually a niche site that contain 24 different sites of their own. But from the main resource itself, you would be able to find a diversity of content as well. You would be able to choose between categories and specify the kind of thing you are looking for through an advanced search. As for the niche sites, they are specialized for a certain field such as black guys on top of white girls, Latina women feeling sexy, cougars going wild, teenage amateurs becoming curious and all those good stuff. It may not be as cheap as the Mr Skin discount price, but the best part about PornPros is that it’s really affordable at 9.95-dollar price tag per month. So yes, enjoy!

ATK Galleria Discount

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Non-Discount Price: $29.99

ATK Galleria is a pornographic website, with over 9,000 videos available to members. There are a plethora of videos catering to different niches on here, but you can discover the latest videos on the company’s home page, one of the first sections of the site that you will view when first becoming a new member.


You can use a search feature which displays results based on your search criteria within a few seconds, meaning it’s easier than eangelo.com and ever before to find a favorite model or movie on ATK Galleria. Photo sets are also available to download, and videos available in a high definition format. You can watch videos on Windows Media Player or via MPEG. You can even watch content directly on your phone by downloading MP4 files. These videos can be played on a smartphone or mobile tablet device. You can search for for models via physical characteristic, such as hair color for example.

This makes it easier to find the models compared to 21Sextury that have appeared in content on ATK Galleria, and if you prefer you can browse through the image galleries which make up part of your membership. There are over 26,000 photos available, all of which have a good quality resolution. Download these in a ZIP file format, and you will then be able to save the images on your computer. You can also search for models using a database which lists the actresses in alphabetical order.

Registering for a new account on ATK Galleria is also simple. Just select your preferred method of payment and then wait for an email to confirm your transaction. Finish your registration by clicking on a link in the email, and you will then be able to explore all the video content and image galleries that are available to you as a new member of the site. Updates are made frequently on ATKGalleria and you are sure to find something that you will find interesting on here.

Sapphic Erotica Discount

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Non-Discount Price: $29.95

Sapphic Erotica is a popular porn site which focuses on lesbian sex. The website is updated on a regular basis, with updates made as frequently as every two days, and there is a plethora of video content for you to peruse, with new videos added to the company’s home page, most likely the first place you will discover.


On Sapphic Erotica, it’s easy to get around, and there are numerous menus and tools which will take you to different parts of the site, so it’s easier than ever to find what you desire.

Registering for a new account couldn’t be easier either. Just choose a username and password, which is standard practice when signing up to any site, and then select your preferred method of payment. There are several options to pay, and you will receive an online receipt which will confirm your purchase. You may choose to keep this for future reference if you wish. You will also need to confirm a link that has been sent to you as part of an email. The link will be included in an email and you’ll need to confirm this to validate your online account and complete the registration process. Make sure you activate the coupon, just as you would with the ftvgirls discount, just click the link.

At Sapphic Erotica, you can download videos directly to your computer, and several of these videos are available in a high definition format, ensuring enhanced picture clarity at all times. Higher definition videos tend to the more recent ones that have been updated to the site, although all videos offer a good playback quality, even the older ones. You can use the search function to find video content, which will provide you with videos based on your search query within a few seconds. You can also contact a customer rep if you have trouble playing any videos, or require further assistance.

With more than 1,500 videos to view on Sapphic Erotica (more than popular sites like Mr Skin), you will find plenty of content on here that will interest you. The videos use the best production techniques and the sexiest girls in porn. You can download videos to play on Windows Media Player and QuickTime, and there are numerous photo sets which you can then download in the ZIP file format. On the site, there are over 2000 different photos for you to download if you choose to do so, and all photos are in a high quality resolution.

21Sextury Discount

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Non-Discount Price: $29.95

Porn stars are always hot, right? But, what 21Sextury claims to do is to add another “thick layer of sexual hotness” into the mix when they present some of the nastiest gals doing some of the filthiest action you have ever seen! This is definitely a bold claim. The question is whether 21Sextury can substantiate its bold assertions. Let’s find out!


The first thing that hits members is the grand scale of the material featured on 21Sextury. Despite this, new members are eased into the site so as not to be overwhelmed with lurid material.

No long process of getting right into freaky pornstar action means that you have little hassle on 21 Sextury. You can toy with the layout, search parameters, and other aspects to set the default settings on the site to something you can live with. This is all thanks to the nifty design and the various tools available on 21 Sextury. You can receive notification when your favorite pornstar has something new to “tingle” your sexual buds. Their audience are typically FTVGirls fans and similar networks.

Over three thousand models call 21Sextury home, so there is really no way you will not find your beloved pornstar. Big names in the porn industry mingle with small names and new comers on 21Sextury. The twenty-one sites on 21Sextury traverse the various niches of porn including a lot of hardcore material. For those with an appetite for the extreme there is 21Extreme with niches like grannies and tranny covered by the 17 sites featured here.

  • Some of the features you enjoy as a member of 21Sextury include (but are not limited to):
  • Seven downloading options.
  • 720p and 1080p HD material.
  • 8485 High Res picture galleries, ZIP file available.
  • AVI, MP4, WMV, FLASH movie formats.
  • Bonus sites, live feeds, live cams, and many more…

21Sextury lives up to all the hype and claims that it makes for being the biggest, baddest home of pornstar porn. There are very few adult networks that can do what 21 Sextury has built. Membership to this network is worth every single penny!

Mr Skin Discount

New Mr Skin Discount

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Save 68% on an entire year


Non-Discount Price: $20.00

First and foremost, the material on Mr Skin comes directly from nude or semi nude sex scenes from various movies and TV celebs. What this means is that the material has not been altered. It is straight from the horse’s mouth i.e. the movie and TV production company. You will not find photoshop content that looks “fake” in the galleries of Mr Skin!


The site swears to house more than twenty thousand celebs doing some really sexy x rated stuff in front of the camera, take that videosz. The chances of finding your favorite celeb on this site are therefore very high.

Mr. Skin has a lot of material for members to view. The icing on the cake is that the site is constantly adding more movies and pics of hot naughty celeb sex. The updates are so fast and frequent that if you log out for a couple of hours and come back, you will find something new to watch. With such massive material available, the question many will ask is whether the navigation on Mr Skin is practical. The short and sweet response to this is that Mr. Skin is so user friendly that you will have no problems whatsoever finding celeb material you need.

Using the various links, you will be taken to pages that contain information, pictures, and movies of hot celebs. The structure of the pages is like those of “flashy modern magazines” that make the images pop out at you and grab your attention by force. The offers on MrSkin are very similar to the videobox discount as they are huge The material on Mr. Skin ranges from soft core to hardcore scenes! These scenes are categorized into various easy-to-find sections for your enjoyment. There is even an alphabetized list of celeb names you can utilize in your search for your favorite celeb.

The 10000 plus videos on the site ranges in quality depending on the production quality they were taken from. This means that some of the scenes can be downloaded or streamed in HD quality. Members can also marvel at the huge picture gallery that has over 197000 pictures! Cameron Diaz, Neve Campbell, Angelina Jolie, and a plethora of other sexy celebs are all featured on Mr. Skin. If there is a celeb out there who has had a sex scene on TV or movie, regardless of whether it was hard or soft core, this site has their pictures and the videos.

It is clear that a lot of effort was put into collecting this colossal amount of material in order to present it to the public in a manner that evokes interest and pleasure. Joining Mr Skin is definitely going to be worth your time.

FTVGirls Discount

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Non-Discount Price: $29.95

An apt definition of FTVGirls is a site that contains no crap but has all the glamour and quality of a premium porn site! The massive amount of material on the site is produced in impressive standards.


First Time Video Girls [or FTVGirls] is not your average round the mill low quality amateur porn site. There is a distinct concept behind this site. The best porn sites not only want to provide you with porn, they want to do this in the most entertaining manner possible.

On FTVGirls, the girls get to participate in a new sexual experience they have never done in front of the cameras. You might notice one or two gals from other movies, but on this site, the gals do something completely different. Whether it is anal, orgy, threesome, toy play, or solo action, the action is different since it is the first time the girls are partaking in a new sexual escapade.

The site has had ample time to “bulk up” its picture and movie galleries similarly to videobox [from 2005]. Currently, 1600+ movies are available in mp4, avi, wmv file formats. HD movies can be streamed or downloaded and yes, no downloading limits!

The High Resolution picture gallery hosts 3200+ sets that contain seventy pictures per set. The pictures can be accessed in ZIP files for downloads. Some reach incredible resolution of 3000p by 2000p, so, you have no option but to enjoy!

The gals on the FTVGirls website will masturbate, insert, toy play and get involved in heart thumping hardcore porn that will amaze and delight. They love to do it, you love to watch it, it is a match made in the stars! There are weekly updates and most of the content is exclusive.

There are no bonus sites but with the material FTV Girls provides, you are not going to miss anything. It is always a good thing to find a gem like FTVGirls in a market many consider to be saturated with low quality sites. Membership to this adult network is definitely a “special thing” You will not regret!

VideoBox Discount

New VideoBox Discount

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Non-Discount Price: $15.00

We have all experienced it, the long process of downloading porn, the high costs, the bad services, etc. To many people, VideoBox is one site that seems heaven sent in that it helps porn lovers bypass all these issues. It is no exaggeration to state that this site has one of the largest archives of movies. It also does not hurt that the ultra friendly price tag associated with membership is available to one and all!


Real porn enthusiast might remember a site called Climax Corner. From this site, the baby “VideoBox” was birthed into the internet world. The main advantage that this site has over its rivals is over fifteen thousand DVDs!

This huge collection of sexual action spans various niches from solo, amateur, to hardcore porn, unlike TS Playground where you don’t have much to choose from. As if this is not enough content, VideoBox is constantly adding new material to its archives. What other site can you name that comes up with six movies on a daily basis? Not a lot, right?

From its massive DVD gallery, members can enjoy over 88000 scenes, which is enough to keep sane [or even insane] porn lovers extremely preoccupied. There is perhaps no niche one can think of that you will not find on this site. The movie formats include wmv, mp4, flash, which makes viewing for members so much easier.

Full HD movies range about 4500. After all, not everything is always shot on HD quality. This does not mean that the rest of the videos are rubbish in regards of their viewing quality. VideoBox has focused on providing quality videos and have thus neglected any picture galleries. This is a slight fault on their part considering what other goodies they have in the bag.

Have you ever had aspirations of directing your own porn movie? Thanks to the nifty design and features on VideoBox, you can accomplish this personal dream. “Start and stop” movies where you want them to and edit those lovely close ups you treasure so much. Just like the videosz discount, yup these guys have one too.

Multitask and view 20 different scenes at once using the Flow Mode Option feature on the site. Navigate the expansive gallery easily by sorting material according to criteria like performer, series, or studio. Everything on the site is designed to make your life as simple as possible.

No other site can claim to have such kind of content like VideoBox has. You will spend hours, if not days, enjoying the content on this site once you are a member. VideoBox is a treasure indeed!

VideosZ Discount

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Non-Discount Price: $29.95

VideosZ has been improving daily since 2004.They have made it a habit of adding a new file format or increasing their archives making it to be one of the largest you will ever come across online. All in all, they always have something in store to improve their site. To confirm this, all you simply have to do is check them out.


VideosZ credits itself as being the largest online adult movie collection featuring thousands of excellent quality DVDs.You might wonder if it is truly the largest or if it guarantees to offer great entertainment, my answer to all these is a big yes. You will have access to more than 13,659 full length DVDs plus new ones that are being added on a daily basis.

The VideosZ site is neatly set up and navigation is quite simple. Searching can be done by category, studio, series or pornstars. In fact; you will not be able to notice that their archive is too huge since narrowing it down is such a simple task with no problems at all. In case you have something specific in mind that you would like to watch, be assured to find it here.Examples of sex acts that you will come across here include facials, DPs, threesomes, toy plays and much more. Clicking on a DVD cover enables you to read a brief summary of the actual film and also to download it.There are over 80,611 scenes that you can stream in the availed embedded flash player or download. The most current ones can be obtained as AVI and MP4 files. These current movies can be considered as having great quality playback compared to the older ones.

There are however, some movies that can be downloaded as HD MP4s and they are actually very impressing. Some scenes though may be added to the site the day you decide to check it out but in the real sense they may have been released on disk more than four years ago, so do not be disappointed if you come across some of the not so current looking playback. Anytime you consider a deal, whether it be the ts playground promo code or or passion hd discount offers, factor your fondness for the network first, so when it comes to the deal here, just go for it!

There are also quite a number of other studios that avail their content exclusively to this site that you will not find in other movie site. The content initially used to be license protected. You will however come across a few older collections with DRM, but most of the materials do not have it anymore. VideosZ however, has no photos, but since it is a DVD site, this should not come as a surprise to you.

There is not much I can say about this site except urge you to sign up in case you have not done so.It is true you might locate some of these DVDs in your backroom video store if you wanted to and they might also have improved quality, but why the hustle when for an average price you can download limitless amounts of excellent hard core content? Check out VideosZ!

TS Playground Promo Code

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Save 87on an entire year

Non-Discount Price: $29.95

The word “playground” always reminds me of a theme song in a film released in 1992 about women taking over major league baseball league during World War two. The song might be a bit melancholy as it recalls lost youth and shattered dreams, but TS Playground brings to you the kind of entertainment that will leave you wetting your pants.


The gorgeous beauties that you will find here are actually in a league of their own. Apart from coming with their own bats and balls, you will also come across some real sensations here. There is a blonde blue eyed bombshell and another chick who is both busty and bootylicious with natural looking titties that will definitely amaze you with their extra ordinary skills. You will have access to over 192 movies and most of them can be downloaded as MP4s.There is also a streaming MP4 option available for portable devices. You can also opt to download them as Windows Media.

Taking the theme into consideration, regardless of the fact that most of the scenes are solo, this is not how I can define the collection TS Playground only has. This is so because you will come across she males having sex with each other and in some scenes you will find a female taking part in the action. It’s safe to say the passion hd discount is similar to their discount too. In some cases you will also come across some trannies banging dudes and mostly the guy is a rather asexual male. There is a guy dressed up in a bumblebee costume that comprises of yellow and black striped briefs with complementing colored legwarmers. He also has a pair of yellow wings, matching sunglasses and a dog collar. He is paired with a chic that is such a beauty with a cropped blonde haircut. They get down to some mouthwatering entertainment that will leave you yearning for more when they are done.

You can check this scene out together with many more in the 184 photo galleries that you will have access to. The gallery thumbnail pops up to a slideshow window. However, you will have to press play for the images to start automatically changing. There is also an “X” provided with arrow heads at each end of its four ends that enables you to enlarge any of the pictures to its full size high resolution status.

There is a “network” tab just like on Been Mapped, below the banner and clicking on it brings you thumbnails for a variety of scenes from other sites for example Strap Attackers, She Plays With Her Cock,I Love Black She males and much more. TS Playground is pretty amazing and joining will definitely turn out to be quite worthwhile to you.

Passion HD Discount

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Non-Discount Price: $29.95

Passion HD is another start up site that has found their own little niche in the world of adult entertainment. In particular, they specialize in high definition adult entertainment. They claim to have some of the best camera operators in the world as well as the best quality videos on the web. In a sense, they are absolutely correct.


Passion HD like DogFart, has some of the most impressive high quality videos that you are going to see from a website that is not owned by one of the major porn retailers. None of their videos are grainy, and even the lowest quality ones were remastered just so they met the high quality standards of this site. When it comes to the number of films, they are doing just fine. They have over one thousand unique videos credited to this site. Out of all of these videos they have gotten over ten thousand different pictures and five complete photograph sets.

Another great part about Passion HD is that they have a large lineup of women unlike Sweetheart Video. Right now they have over five hundred different models that are able to provide some of the hottest action on the web today. Another great reason to join this site is that they have a very good forum review site. This allows the users of the site to contribute and tell the actors and actresses what they would like to see on the site. Also, it allows for honest reviews and valuable feedback.

If you are looking to join this site then all you need to do is head to the membership page. Here you will be able to join the site with the passion hd discount for only $17.95. If you are looking to join this site for the long haul, then all you need to do is pay $9.95 a month. If you are looking to see some of the hottest lesbian action on the web today, then see what Passion HD has to offer.

Sweetheart Video Promo Code

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Save 87on an entire year

Non-Discount Price: $39.95

Sweetheart Video is one of the leading names in lesbian, strap-on and girl on girl porn in general. This site was founded in 2010 and has become one of the most prominent names in all of porn. Do not let the name Sweetheart confuse you, these women are ready to do just about anything that you would like to see.


There are over seventy different niches waiting for you on Sweetheart Video including anal, lesbians, and redheads. Right now they have made and posted over five hundred different and unique videos on the web. They are unique in the sense that you will not find them anywhere else on the web besides Sweetheart Video.

Another great aspect about this adult site is that all of their videos are shot in the latest high definition quality. This means that there are no shaking cameras or shots blocked by a lamp, only the very best girls and camera people. As of right now they have made about one hundred and thirty different dvds that can be shipped just about anywhere in the world. When it comes to models, they have a pretty solid lineup. The site is home to almost three hundred different women who are willing to bare it all to you. If you want to get to know these women a little better, then there is always the option to participate in their online forums where you can meet and talk with all of them women on the site.

As an added benefit you can send special requests to these women if you want to see something special in the future movies or even pay for a private show. Similar to Playboy Plus, the site layout is simple but it gets the job done. They have all of the latest and hottest videos up top, with a descending list of the most popular videos on the site based on the rankings. In order to join Sweetheart Video all you need to do is go to the members page and pay the fee. They have a small one day trial for $2.95 that will let yo get small taste of the action. If you are looking to join the site for a month, then you will need to pay the standard fee of $29.95. Another great way to use this site is by getting a full year contract, which only costs ten dollars a month after you get the major discount.

Dogfart Discount

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Save 76on an entire year


Non-Discount Price: $34.99

DogFart is a pornographic website which specializes in interracial porn. The site is extremely popular and once you become a member of one website, you get access to 22 sites in total, of all which contain video content made using the highest production values and featuring some of the world’s most beautiful women.


Dogfart is updated frequently, with all new videos clearly listed on the main landing page with a description and preview. The site is easy to navigate around, with menu and navigation options which take you to one part of the network to another. There is also an effective search box which searches all 22 websites which make up the DogFart Network, making it easy to find a particular actress, movie or scene that you are looking for. You are able to download and stream videos, and the inbuilt streaming video player is easy to use and doesn’t buffer or load for long. Similar to Evil Angel’s sweetheart video promo code now offered, DogFart is great!

If you do encounter problems viewing content, you can speak to a company representative who will be able to provide you with technical advice that is easy to understand. You can also speak to a company representative if you are looking for tips on how to make the most out of the website.

Users can add their favorite videos to their favorite list and can even leave comments, letting other members know what they thought about a particular actress or movie. In total, there are over 1000 girls who appear in the videos throughout the Dogfart network, with over 3,300 video scenes and over 2,900 photo sets.

Some of the websites which make up part of the Dogfart network include Cuckold Sessions, Zebra Girls, Blacks on Blondes, and Ruth Blackwell. Several movies are available in high definition, providing an enhanced visual experience for users, and the website is updated frequently like the playboy plus discount network. Videos can be downloaded in an MP4 file format, ideal for watching video content when you are on the go, for example on vacation, and photo sets can be download using the Zip file format. The registration process is straight forward and easy, and users will receive an electronic receipt when they have purchased their subscription.

Playboy Plus Discount

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Non-Discount Price: $29.99

Playboy Plus has garnered a loyal customer base in the last few years, and features a well-designed website and numerous features. The site is owned by the Playboy company, famous for their monthly magazine which has featured some of the world’s most famous and beautiful women on its pages and centerfolds.


Playboy Plus is updated frequently, considered to be the best adult network out there and it is painless and easy to join the site. For all new users, a new account will need to be created, and the individual will need to provide a few personal details such as a username, password and email address. Once they have provided this information, they will need to select a payment method and then will need to wait for a welcome email to their email inbox, which is normally sent instantly. Once they have received this email, they will need to click on a link which has been embedded in the body of the email. Once this has been done, the registration process is complete, and the user is free to search and watch the diverse amount of video content on the Playboy Plus website, which caters to a number of different sexual niches and fetishes.

There are over 4,000 videos to watch, and these can either be downloaded directly on to your computer or streamed using the website’s video player which is easy to use, and rarely encounters any problems loading or buffering. You can also download video content via an MP4 file format, which can play on a mobile tablet or smartphone, ideal if you are away from home and want to watch video content when you are on the go, for example on vacation. It’s also encouraged to check the new dogfart discount for further comparison. There are also numerous videos on Playboy Plus which are available in high definition, providing users with an enhanced visual experience.

In addition to the video content, there are over 5,000 photo sets with high resolution images which can be downloaded via the Zip file format. The celebrity photo section contains images from some of the world’s most famous women, including Bo Derek, LaToya Jackson, Kim Kardashian and Jenny McCarthy, who recently joined the panel of the popular ABC daytime talk show series The View.